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Islamic Investments
Importance of Halal Rizq & Islamic Investment

Dr. Bilal Philips on Importance of Halal Rizq & Islamic Investment W/ Usman Malik

Islamic Finance
Taqwa and Islamic Finance

Learn from Dr. Mohammad Abdullah, the importance of Taqwa and how it impact the way we make financial decisions

Islamic Investments
Islamic Finance and Investments 101

Learn from Mufti Faraz Adam the principles of Islamic Finance and Halal Investments

Islamic Digital Bank

Know about Rizq, an Islamic Digital Bank based in UK, by their CEO, Mushtaq Hussain

Islamic Fintech and Crowdfunding

Mufti Yousuf Sultan, Global Head Sharia'h, Ethis, Malaysia talks about Crowdfunding and Islamic FIntechs

Islamic Finance
Importance of Islamic Finance

Learn about Islamic Finance from Mr. Usman Malik, an award winning lecturer

Islamic Fintech

Know from K. Nizardeen about Trade Finance and Digital Transformation in Finance