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Disclaimer Notice

Regulatory Information: 

Taqwa Invest Technology is regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (“DFSA”) in the Dubai International Financial Center (“DIFC”) under category 4 license. It provides arranging and financial advisory services but does not have authorisation to hold client assets or money. Taqwa Invest Technology Ltd. is not dealing in property crowdfunding or loan crowdfunding platform. Taqwa invest will not deal in any regulated or non regulated activity apart from the one mentioned above.

Investment Advisory: 

Content on the site isn’t personalised investment advice and doesn’t guarantee future performance. Clients are encouraged to conduct thorough research, assess individual financial goals, and seek professional guidance for informed decisions.

Risk Acknowledgment: 

Every investment involves risk, potentially resulting in the loss of invested capital. Understanding and acknowledging these risks is crucial before engaging in any investment activity.The information on this website is general in nature and should not be considered as investment advice, as it does not consider your financial objectives or personal circumstances. You should do your own due diligence before making any decision that may impact your financial situation and you should have an investment strategy that reflects your risk profile and goals. If you are unsure as to whether an investment is suitable for you, please seek professional advice before proceeding. Some products and services may not be legally available to residents of certain countries and jurisdictions. In some of the cases the investor will not be able to withdraw their investment when they want to. If for any reason operator ceases to carry on their business, investor may experience delay in withdrawing their money. They should not be using credits or borrowed money for investments, since it creates greater risk. Contingency plans are been ensured by Taqwa Invest Technology Ltd. if the firm ceases to operate.

Financial Promotions: 

All information, opinion and comment on this website is issued by Taqwa Invest Technology Ltd. , unless otherwise stated. To the extent that any material on this website constitutes a financial promotion, such financial promotion is issued by Taqwa Invest Technology Ltd. and is intended only for jurisdictions where it is authorised to provide services and does not constitute an offer or solicitation to provide services in any jurisdiction where it is not permitted to do so.

Insights and Tools: 

Blog content provides general insights rather than specific advice. Opinions expressed may change over time, and readers are accountable for interpreting and applying this information.

Disclaimer Notice: 

Users are strongly advised to read and comprehend the Disclaimer Notice before accessing the website, indicating acceptance through continued usage.This Notice provides information on our regulation and authorisations and your continued use of our website signifies your acceptance of the terms outlined in this Notice. We or our related persons don’t have any financial interest that may create a conflict of interest.

Changes to Notice: 

The firm retains the right to modify the Notice without prior notification. Regularly reviewing it is recommended to stay informed about any alterations or updates.

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